The expected results of IP-cure-B are fivefold:
1. Improve the functional cure rate in Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) and provide opportunities for finite duration curing therapies;
2. Provide the rationale for combining new innate immune modulators with novel DREP or DC-targeting HBV vaccines and their combination in order to achieve the functional cure of HBV through reshaping of intrahepatic innate immunity and stimulating the expansion of HBV specific immune responses;
3. Develop novel HBV therapeutic vaccine strategies to be evaluated in combination in clinical trials;
4. Identify and validate immunological and virological correlates of cure;
5. Establish a pharmacoeconomic model comparing multi-step add-on therapies and new curative regimens in order to estimate the clinical benefit of HBV functional cure and to provide the basis for uptake by national health systems;